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The Big Forkers

Cousins Shashank “Shanky” Jayakumar and Sid Mewara love food and alcohol, and they love it with a passion.

The cousins relish every chance they get to explore and discover new places, so much so that they turned this passion into numerous fantastic seasons of eating and gallivanting through our favorite cities.


With a robust YouTube and Instagram presence, The Big Forkers enjoy a huge audience on Zee Zest rated at a stellar 9.5 on IMDB, Sid and Shanky are the holy gospel of all things food and cocktails and enjoy a whopping 10 million+ viewership on YouTube.


The independent creators are a true riches-to-rags story; the investment bankers took their love for food up a notch by venturing into content curation centred around food and cocktail experiences. Their drinking guide series is doing exceptionally well and there is definitely a lot more to expect from the two.

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