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Donuts, Wheelies, Gomma Vainko!

Updated: Feb 10

The last weekend of January 2023 saw Brodha V take stage for the first time this year, amidst a bunch of tuned up BMW cars and bikes. 29th January being a Sunday saw crowds flocking in to see the new cars and bikes that #BMW had to offer this year.

BMW’s stunt drivers even put on a show for the audience present with donuts and drifting sessions. In the meantime, #Mojojojo and Bangalore’s very own Best Kept Secret kept the main stage occupied and the crowd entertained with their tunes.

#BrodhaV was introduced to the crowd by Vineeth Beep Kumar, close friend and one half of The #Jordindian, and no one could’ve asked for a better way to kick things off. Accompanied by great visuals, some amazing pyro (hot & cold), perfectly coordinated lights, Brodha V delivered a show to remember. What was a scattered crowd before V took stage suddenly came together at the start of his performance, sang and danced in unison to all his songs, mimicking what Brodha V and #Sukruth’s moves on stage. Songs like Aaram, Maari Kannu, Let Em Talk, Way Too Easy lead to an AR Rahman medley of Chiku Buku & Pettai Rap, which was met with loud cheers.

Aathma Raama is Brodha V’s best performing song, and it was a sight to behold when the entire audience held up their cellphones and turned on their flashlights (the 2020’s version of holding up your lighter at a concert) for the entire song.

Vainko seemed like a breeze, since time flies when you’re having fun, and Brodha V just didn’t get his foot off the pedal. It must be mentioned that Brodha V was not feeling well on that day, and yet delivered on a high energy, power packed performance. The intensity of the show finally caught up to V, and he unfortunately had to cut short his performance, since his illness finally caught up to him. However, those 60 minutes that he was on stage, was right up there amongst some of his most committed & passionate performances.

It is quite certain that more such intense shows are what are to be expected of V and the band, and it is a given that this is what will be delivered as well. Gomma Vainko!

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