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Brodha V

Vighnesh Shivanand, also known as Brodha V is the O.G. of O.G.s He is widely credited for having made English rap mainstream in India. The multilingual rapper is a key proponent in the movement of Rap and Hip Hop in the country and is often heralded as the real face of Indian rap. His versatility is unmatched and he is beloved for his ability to combine multiple languages in one song, bringing a modern flavor and much-needed exposure to South Indian languages.


From slick verses to modern sounds, Brodha V is revolutionary in every sense of the word. A lot of his work is quintessentially urban with hints of political commentary which is fearless and poignant.


An out-and-out Bangalore boy, the hitmaker is an essential thread with which the fabric of hip-hop is woven from. His career and presence in the Hip Hop space birthed the rap movement and contributed largely to the evolution of the hip-hop eco space today. Brodha V is quite rightly a G.O.A.T with no beefs to spare.

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